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As work-from-home arrangements have become the norm, Zoom’s daily participant count has increased by over 2,000 percent, while total meeting minutes have increased by 3,000 percent. Those numbers may drop when offices reopen, but many companies have realized something important: remote work, works. Even when it is no longer required due to COVID concerns, employees will continue to push for work-from-home options. Which means manufacturers of video conferencing and collaboration solutions have to step up and remove as many barriers to communication as possible. 

Poly is among the companies making it easier than ever before to meet with anyone, any time, anywhere. Poly Studio X30, Poly Studio X50 and Poly G7500  became the first Zoom Room Appliances to become Zoom certified. The first Android-based appliances to offer native Zoom Room functionality, these video conferencing and collaboration solutions are fully managed via Zoom Device Management. 

“Poly and Zoom continue to set the standard in the development of seamless native video collaboration devices,” said Tim Root, vice president and general manager of room collaboration business, Poly. “Our collective portfolio of Zoom certified devices makes it easy for users to collaborate from anywhere, with friction-free meetings that customers and IT managers expect.”

Zoom certification gives Poly users a best-of-both-worlds conferencing and collaboration solution: a complete Zoom Rooms experience that leverages Poly’s patented innovations like NoiseBlock AI and Acoustic Fence technologies. 

“Zoom is committed to consistently delivering a high quality experience for all use cases and as the first Zoom Rooms appliances to receive Zoom certification, the Poly Studio X family and G7500 will help ensure meetings are seamless and secure,” said Jeff Smith, head of Zoom Rooms for Zoom Video Communications, Inc. “Together with Poly, we can deliver a radically simple video experience with technology that is easy to deploy, manage and use so that your meeting remains the focus.”

It’s hard to predict what the future will bring, but if the last few months have taught us anything, it’s that we must be able to adapt with alacrity. Poly is making sure no one will be left behind in times of upheaval and unforeseen change. 

Learn more about Poly’s telepresence and video conferencing solutions and please get in touch with us if you have any questions. We’ll have one of our video collaboration experts get back to you as soon as possible. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, try using our Advanced Search tool to find it. 

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