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Elevate Your Audio Conferencing With Poly Trio C60

Posted by Annelise Fasnacht on Nov 19, 2020 12:13:30 PM

Many people around the world are working from home and making do with new technology and makeshift home offices. While traditional office life may be forever altered due to COVID-19, some businesses will require employees to return to the office at some point. Here's what to expect if you're called back. 

Among the new conferencing and collaboration tools available will be the Poly Trio C60, Poly’s audio conferencing solution with Microsoft Teams integration. This addition to the revered Trio series is a remarkably versatile solution that can act as a standalone audio conferencing device or be used to control video endpoints like Poly Studio.

In addition to being certified for Microsoft Teams, Poly Trio C60 works with most SIP and UC&C services, which allows IT administrators to ensure a consistent collaboration experience throughout your organization. And no matter your room size, Poly Trio C60 has you covered, as you can daisy-chain up to three additional devices and add extra microphones for use in larger conference rooms.

Like other solutions in the Poly Trio series, the C60 was designed with simplicity and clarity in mind. With Poly’s NoiseBlockAI, you can be assured that your conversations will be free of unwanted background distractions. And anyone, even the most novice user, can manage to set up a meeting. Trio C60 has a proximity sensor, so it automatically wakes up when someone enters the conference room. And launching a conversation with Poly Trio C60 is as easy as touching a single button.

Predicting the future of work has never been more difficult, but one thing seems certain: audio and video collaboration solutions will be more important than ever as we move forward. Fewer people might work in traditional offices in the coming years, but that makes innovations like Poly Trio C60 absolutely essential for keeping your on-site workers connected with their remote counterparts.

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