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Poly Unveils New Conferencing And Content Sharing Solution

Posted by Annelise Fasnacht on Jul 9, 2019 8:40:39 AM

Manufacturers of video conferencing and collaboration solutions have creating more flexible, interoperable  solutions with huddle rooms and remote workers in mind, but traditional conference rooms are not a thing of the past. They are coming along for our ride into the future, and Poly is making sure they are properly outfitted.

"Not only are we spending more time in meetings than just a few years ago, we're collaborating in different ways than before with the rise of remote workers, open office floor plans and increasingly global workforces," says Poly global solutions marketing senior director Chris Thorson.

"All of these factors are generating demand for video conferencing solutions that make meetings more productive and are as real as face-to-face. Poly developed G7500 with these factors in mind--simplicity, clarity and limitless possibility. Your focus stays on the meeting, while our technology steps quietly into the background."

Poly G7500 combines video conferencing and content sharing in one simple and seamless solution. With an intuitive touch interface that even the least tech-savvy employees can master within minutes, Poly’s new collaboration solution brings people together in pristine Ultra HD 4K. On top of amazing visuals, Poly G7500 also boasts peerless audio quality, thanks to Polycom’s sterling Acoustic Fence and NoiseBlock technology, which combine to eliminate bothersome background noise and foreground the voices you want to hear.

In addition to video conferencing and wireless content sharing, Poly G7500 also offers annotation and digital whiteboarding capabilities, so there is pretty much nothing you can’t do with Poly’s newest collaboration innovation.

And in case you’re worried that a hardware solution will be an inflexible addition, Poly has also added support for any cloud-based video platform (Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business et al.) through Polycom’s RealConnect Service. Poly G7500 also supports legacy Polycom interfaces for cameras and microphones and re-use of existing peripherals, so you’re deployment need not break the bank.

“Enterprises around the world are rapidly investing in video conferencing tools that improve collaboration and productivity for today's digital workers,” explained Roopam Jain, Industry Director at Frost & Sullivan's Connected Work practice. “With the release of G7500, Poly is bringing its expertise in high-quality video, audio and content collaboration to offer a secure and flexible next-generation solution for medium and large conference rooms at a compelling price."

The G7500 is now available in North America and Europe and will ship in additional select countries later this year.

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