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Poly Introduces Work From Home Kit

Posted by Annelise Fasnacht on Aug 20, 2020 8:17:14 AM

According to a recent analysis of the post-pandemic meetings market published by Frost & Sullivan, the number of remote workers post-COVID will be approximately 500% greater than the pre-pandemic number. Many companies were forced to transition into remote work arrangements with little to no warning. It’s understandable that businesses went into “make it work” mode. But if Frost & Sullivan’s projections are even close to accurate, there will be a sizable workforce of full-time remote workers who will need comprehensive video conferencing solutions that are as feature-rich as they are easy to use.

“The dramatic shift to remote and hybrid offices represents a transformative moment for the future of digital work,” explains Roopam Jain, senior industry director for Frost & Sullivan. “Home office workers need best-in-class communication tools that take them as close as possible to being with co-workers in a physical office. Business-grade headphones with active noise canceling and all-day comfort combined with video cameras that provide premium video quality and noise blocking features are becoming a necessity in the next normal. Users working from home need the right tools to flourish.”

Poly is looking ahead to the “next normal” with the Poly Work From Home Kit, a simple audio and webcam solution that comes packaged with cloud software for easy remote management.

The kit comes with a Voyager 5200 UC headset, which features a four-microphone array designed to cancel unwanted background noise, as well as six layers of WindSmart technology that makes the headset ideal for outdoor use.

The small but powerful EagleEye Mini camera boasts 1080p video; electronic pan, tilt and zoom; and support for simulcast streams, which ensures the highest possible resolution for all participants. This mountable camera delivers true-to-life images with back-light compensation and auto-focus optimization for smaller rooms.

Since the Work From Home Kit is intended for remote use, simplified device management is paramount. So Poly is also including Plantronics Manager Pro Essentials device management software, which allows IT departments to troubleshoot and fix issues remotely and manage deployment and inventory with the click of a few buttons.

Nothing about this year has been easy, but that doesn't mean the future has to be difficult. Poly is doing what it can to make your company's transition into the next chapter as easy as possible.

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