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Plantronics, which acquired Polycom last year, has just announced its first foray into the huddle room market with Polycom Studio, a plug-and-play video bar that aims to deliver high quality video and audio to smaller meeting spaces.

“Polycom Studio lets everyone get in the game of quality video conferencing,” said Joe Burton, president and chief executive officer at Plantronics. “Polycom Studio is an important first step for newly combined Plantronics and Polycom to address the huddle room needs of the modern office.”

The only barrier to entry is a USB connection. If you have that, you’re good to go. With any PC or Mac, you can harness the power of Polycom Studio and bring peerless audio and video into your huddle rooms. Whether you’re using Cisco WebEx, Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams, Polycom’s newest video conferencing and collaboration solution will deliver its HD video and audio via one compact USB device.

Along with simplicity and interoperability, Polycom Studio comes loaded with the features you’ve come to expect from Polycom’s expansive selection of conferencing and collaboration solutions. In addition to Polycom’s patented NoiseBlock and Acoustic Fence interventions, which cut down on unwanted external noise, Polycom Studio also features automatic speaker tracking, which focuses on whomever is speaking with an ultra-wide 120-degree field of view. Add 4K resolution and 5x electronic zoom and you have yourself a huddle room solution that brings studio-quality sounds and visuals out of your conference rooms and into your smaller spaces.

“Enterprises around the world have come to understand the strategic importance of their smaller meeting spaces,” says Recon Research managing partner Ira M. Weinstein. “In fact, we expect the number of AV-enabled huddle rooms to increase by 15 percent in the next 12-24 months. With the release of Studio, Polycom can finally bring its decades of experience in high quality video and audio to smaller rooms with lower budgets. And based on our initial testing, we think Studio will meet the expectations of even the most discerning huddle room users.”

Lest you worry about your IT department hesitating to jump on board, Polycom Studio wirelessly connects to a corporate network, thereby granting access to IT professionals and letting them manage Studio units across your entire company. Additionally, you can manage your Studio devices and any other Polycom solutions through the cloud with the Polycom Device Management Service for Enterprise or on-site with Polycom RealPresence Resource Manager. So whoever is using Polycom Studio and wherever they are using it, you can make sure you and your employees are getting the most out of the solution.

Learn more about Polycom’s video conferencing and collaboration solutions and contact us with any questions you might have. We will have one of our experts get back to you as soon as possible. Looking for something else? Use our Advanced Search tool to find it.

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