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Soon after completing its acquisition of Polycom last July, Plantronics threw its weight behind Microsoft Teams, promising a range of solutions for the Office 365 communication platform and heir to the Skype for Business throne.

“Polycom is going ‘all in’ to create the best Microsoft Teams experiences across a full and growing range of communications devices and solutions, and something I see expanding to the full Plantronics family of solutions,” said Plantronics president and CEO Joe Burton. “Plantronics values our strategic partnership with Microsoft, and we are committed to creating the best audio and video experiences for customers using Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, or Office 365.”

Now, with the new year dawning, Plantronics is teaming with HP to offer a native Microsoft Teams video conferencing solution. Leveraging the power of Polycom audio-visual technologies, the intuitive new solution uses the HP Elite Slice for Meeting Rooms G2 Skype Room System – Audio Ready as the controller for Microsoft Teams video and content sharing.

The comprehensive solution employs the Polycom Trio 8500 for sound and the Polycom Eagle Eye IV USB camera for video capture. The former boasts eight directional microphones and PolycomHD Voice technology, while the latter offers 12x optical zoom and a wide field of view, making them suitable for use in any room, no matter how small or large.

“Businesses are constantly looking for ways to simplify the video conference experience,” said Lorena Kubera, VP Commercial Product Management at HP. “Pairing our versatile meeting room system, HP Elite Slice G2 Audio-Ready, with the simplicity of the Polycom Trio 8500 and the EagleEye IV USB camera for the Polycom-HP SRS Bundle creates a seamless way to improve productivity and collaboration through Microsoft Teams.”

In other Plantronics news, the audio solutions pioneer also recently announced the availability of new Polycom VVX x50 Series Obi Edition phones, whose simple designs and top-notch audio are perfectly suited for small and medium-sized business. The flexibility and customization capabilities of the x50 Series deliver the quality Polycom experience to small business at an affordable price.

“The VVX x50 Series Obi Series is a much-needed expansion of the Polycom desk phone portfolio to support the needs of services providers targeting the small and mid-sized business market,” said Shawn Puddester, vice president of Global Service Providers at Polycom. “With the new VVX x50 Series Obi Edition, service provider partners can simplify the end-to-end experience of maintaining and measuring Polycom devices in the cloud.”

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