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Digital signage is a highly effective communication tool that can help you tell your company’s story in dynamic and engaging ways. But it can easily backfire if you aren’t on the lookout for pitfalls. So let’s take a quick gander at a few of the most common digital signage mistakes and how you can avoid them.

Lackluster Locations

You must proceed with caution here--no matter how engaging your content, its impact will be radically diminished if you don’t find the perfect place for it. Your number one enemy will be the sun. No one wants to struggle to decipher your content through blinding glare. So be sure you don’t place your screen in a spot that gets a lot of direct sunlight. You also want to avoid mounting your screens too high. You want your screens to catch attention as people pass, and the best way to do this is to keep your messaging at eye level.

Redundant Content

If your digital signage is simply repeating messaging that exists in other forms, what exactly is the point of it? Why bother replicating your static billboards and posters in digital form? The eyes of your target audience will gloss right over your digital signage if it merely repackages the same old thing. A digital display is an opportunity to stretch out and explore new and more dynamic ways of telling your story. 

Too Much Text

People already spend a good chunk of their day reading dull messages on screens. Figure out how to tell your story with images and graphics. When using text, keep it simple and brief--people should be able to get the gist with a quick glance. If your messaging is so complex that you need a paragraph to explicate it, a screen is not the place for it. 

Stale Messaging

One of the best things about digital signage is that you can refresh your content with great ease and frequency. And you really must do this. A digital display with last month’s content is doing nothing for you. Your clients and customers have seen it already. Your screen has become another billboard. Update your content as often as possible. Keep people engaged with things they haven’t seen before. 

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