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According to a recent report issued by IDC Research, 83% of business leaders plan to provide more opportunities to work remotely than before the pandemic, with a nearly identical percentage (84%) planning to accelerate the digitization of work processes via such tools as video conferencing. Offices won’t be a thing of the past, but with more and more options for flexible work arrangements, there will be an increased demand for video conferencing solutions designed for all types of working environments. 

That’s where Poly and Microsoft Teams come in. Designed to work seamlessly in both office and home environments, Poly’s recent innovations have been certified for Microsoft Teams to ensure everyone can collaborate using the same tools, no matter where they are. 

“We’re living through a watershed moment for remote and hybrid workers around the globe,” said Nicole Herskowitz, GM, Microsoft Teams Microsoft. “Microsoft Teams and Poly have a longstanding partnership focused on providing seamless remote collaboration experiences. We are excited to build on this alliance as Poly continues to roll out new products that meet our Teams Certification standards.”

Video Bars

With leading cloud video services built right in, the Poly Studio X30 is an ideal huddle room solution for companies who are welcoming employees back to the office. An all-in-one video bar with wireless content sharing capabilities, Poly Studio X30 allows users to share directly from their devices as soon as they enter the room. 

For employees continuing to work remotely, Poly Studio P15 will keep them connected in style. Along with 4K video and automatic camera framing, this compact video bar also features NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence technology, which work in tandem to keep background noise to a minimum and foreground the user's voice. 


The Poly Studio P5 webcam is a fantastic add-on for remote workers and on-site employees alike. With 1080p resolution and 4x digital zoom as well as a directional microphone and built-in privacy shutter, this small but feature-rich camera guarantees sterling image and sound quality, no matter where you’re connecting from. 


Remote workers committed to the work-from-home life might consider upping their game with the Poly Studio P21 Personal Meeting Display, which brings professional video conferencing tech into your home. This all-in-one device features a 21” display with built-in ambient lighting as well as a camera, microphones, and speakers, all of it brought to life via a simple USB connection to your computer. The Poly Studio P21 even has a wireless phone charging tray. What else could you want?

Poly Sync Speaker Phones

Always working on the go? Or moving from room to room as the work day progresses? Poly’s latest line of speakerphones provide mobility without losing sound quality. Available in three different configurations, the Poly Sync series features USB and Bluetooth connectivity and seamless voice integration as well as Siri and Google voice assistant integration. 

Read more about the Poly Studio series and other Poly solutions and please contact us with any questions. We will have one of our Solutionz experts get back to you shortly. If there is anything else you are looking for, use our Advanced Search tool to find it.

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