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Make the Most Out of Your Meetings

Posted by Chessie Skates on Oct 28, 2010 1:42:00 PM

If you have not already, let Solutionz help you decide what Video Conferencing and Telepresence solution is right for you or your company!  Once you have, below are a few helpful tips to make the most out of your video meetings.

A More Natural Meeting is What We Want for You: Remembering These Things Will Help


  • Do not forget that anything that is behind you will be displayed and captured by the camera.  Therefore, a calming, neutral color and medium contrast-soft textures are best for walls – be sure to avoid patterns.
  • Avoid background areas where people walk behind you or where curtains can get blown by wind.
  • Face the camera away from the doorway.
  • Pick a table with a light, non-reflective color, such as-a table made of natural wood.
  • Say no to clutter or unnecessary furniture.


  • Direct light creates shadows and harsh contrasts, therefore, avoid having direct light on people, camera lenses, or presentation materials.
  • If you need more light due to a dark room, use indirect and artificial light.  This can be achieved best through shaded sources, or even light reflected from a paler wall.
  • Lamps with “daylight” lighting are ideal as you don’t want colored lighting that could tint your appearance.
  • Avoid placing reflective whiteboards directly behind you as they could potentially create a glare. 


  • Your key speaker should have the video conferencing system positioned about 60-100cm (2-3 ft.) away from them.  When positioning your video conference system, be sure to take into consideration what seems natural in addition to the screen size.

Set up:

  • Automatic answer should be on with the microphone muted.
  • Place your camera centered, on top of the unit.

Video Conferencing Systems for the Desktop:

  • Position video near your PC, including any other everyday tools.  This enables you to stay put while effortlessly sharing presentations.  Some video systems can even be used as your PC screen.
  • For privacy, utilize a headset when your office environment is open to others.

For the Meeting Room

  • Point the camera directly at everyone participating in the meeting to make sure that eye contact is received by those on the other end.
  • Eliminate echo problems and absorb sound by carpeting the floors in your meeting room.

Make it Easy to Use

  • To ensure meeting participants add presentations, dial, and are able to utilize other functionalities while on a call, position a table tent, poster, or some kind of quick-reference landmark in the room.

For more help, Solutionz User Training Videos puts informative, easy-to-understand instructions on some of the most in demand TANDBERG products in a format that is easy to view, and always available when you need it.

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