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Video Conferencing Made Easy With Lifesize Go

Posted by Annelise Fasnacht on Jul 30, 2019 8:39:32 AM

Here's the thing about video conferencing in 2019: everybody is already doing it all the time, and most people have been doing it for years. Consumer apps like FaceTime and Skype and WhatsApp (to name but a few) have turned our phones into video conference devices. With that familiarity comes certain expectations: that video conferencing should never be more than a single click away, and that any device will do when one needs to join a meeting.

With Lifesize's announcement of a free video conferencing solution called Lifesize Go, one of the premiere providers of collaboration solutions is bringing the streamlined ease of consumer video to the workplace.

“The consumerization of video has led to exploding demand for hassle-free video conferencing that empowers users to connect from any device with a click of a button,” said Roopam Jain, Industry Director, Connected Work Practice at Frost & Sullivan. "Vendors that understand the burgeoning UX movement and are making video communications at work as simple as consumer apps are winning.”

Lifesize Go makes joining and facilitating video conferences simpler than ever. With nothing more than a built-in browser, up to eight participants can join any meeting on any device by clicking a one-time link delivered through email, text message or chat. No one has to download a new app or install extra software. Whether on wi-fi or a mobile network, you and your employees can connect any time, from anywhere.

With no restrictions on meeting length and no subscription required, Lifesize Go is ideal for teams who need a no-frills conferencing solution that prioritizes ease and access above all else. Desktop users of Lifesize’s cloud video conferencing platform can expand their Lifesize Go experience by sharing screens, applications and browser tabs with remote guests.

“Lifesize Go is a better way for team members within enterprises to instantly and productively connect with their colleagues, customers and other collaborators through free, fast and flexible video communication,” said Bobby Beckmann, CTO of Lifesize. “It's never been easier to experience and harness Lifesize’s innovation and video quality for any meeting on any device.”

Lifesize Go is immediately available via Chrome or Safari browsers on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows devices.

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