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Amplify Your Message With Interactive Video Walls

Posted by Annelise Fasnacht on Aug 7, 2018 10:23:00 AM

Video walls have long been a staple of public spaces like lobbies and malls, and they’ve always been effective vehicles for straightforward information and standard advertising. However, with the rise of touch screens and high definition images, the potential of the video wall is now virtually unbounded--such large displays can now become interactive experiences that enhance trainings, elevate meetings and engage customers. Let’s take a closer look at how interactive video walls can have an impact on business.

Compelling Meetings And Presentations

Video-assisted meetings and presentations are already heavily interactive affairs--content sharing and screen mirroring and touch pads can transform an in-person conference into a multimedia extravaganza--but a video wall can bring meetings and presentations to another level. It’s simple, really: you want people to pay attention to whomever is speaking. And for better or worse, keeping people’s attention requires spectacle. That is the nature of public speaking. That is why people tell jokes and bring visual aids and offer snacks and do any number of things to keep eyes and ears on them. With an interactive displays like those manufactured by Sharp, the information itself becomes the object of fascination, as your listeners (viewers, really) become active participants.

Immersive Training

A massive (and ever-growing) share of workplace training is now conducted via video, which is great! Relying on video for basic training sessions frees up employees to complete their required viewing at their own pace while mitigating the scheduling woes that plague management when training new hires. However, as anyone who’s logged hours of screen-based training time knows, the monotony of training videos tends to run slow. It’s essential that you liberate your employees from the dreaded desktop routine, and an interactive video wall offers an excellent opportunity to get trainees on their feet and engaging with material in new and fresh ways.

The Company Story

While internal operations like conferences and trainings are greatly enhanced by interactive video walls, this outsized technology never shines brighter than when it is delivering your message to the outside world. Forget about brochures and billboards and one-sheets--with a dynamic video display that encourages interaction, you can transform your company story into an immersive experience that brings customers into your world.

Retail Flexibility

Many retailers already make their in-store stock browsable via website, but shoppers don’t necessarily want to have their noses in their mobile devices while they shop. Video walls have long been used by retailers to advertise products and specials, but an interactive display can become a shopper’s own personal assistant, with up-to-the-minute information about product availability and pricing and browsable virtual aisles that render the shopping experience into a multimedia journey.

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