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Bring Video Into Your Huddle Rooms With Polycom Studio

Posted by Annelise Fasnacht on Jul 2, 2019 8:18:44 AM

It’s a good time to be a huddle room. They make conferencing intimate and on track for small meetings and work groups. Using huddle rooms for conferencing makes a great secure environment to always have a space that is quiet with minimal distractions. 

Last year, a Frost & Sullivan survey found that 8.1% of all video meetings were huddle room meetings. The same survey projected a steep rise in the coming years: by 2022, according to Frost & Sullivan, 70% of all video conferencing room meetings will take place in a huddle room.

For now, though, too many huddle rooms don't have the solutions they should. Out of an estimated 32 million huddle rooms globally, a mere 2% are equipped with video conferencing solutions.

That means there are something like 31 million huddle rooms in need of video conferencing and collaboration solutions. Poly has just the thing: a plug-and-play video bar that delivers superior image and sound quality in a compact package that can squeeze into just about any small room.

With Polycom Studio, one touch of a button allows employees to connect and collaborate on various video platforms--Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, Skype for Business--in smaller rooms that cannot accommodate larger conferencing and collaboration solutions.

Polycom Studio might be smaller than its video conferencing ancestors, but it doesn’t lack for features. With 4K resolution and 5x electronic zoom, as well as automatic group framing, you can be sure everyone in the room will be seen and heard.

“No matter where people are or what device they are using, workers can connect to any voice call or video meeting with ease, regardless of the different video and collaboration tools customers, partners and other organizations use, for ultimate productivity,” says Brian Phillips, senior manager of product marketing and group solutions at Poly. “Our customers are seeing the value in bringing a richer, more immersive experience to their huddle rooms and centralized manageability is enabling them to expand video to new spaces they hadn’t thought possible.”

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