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Poly Improves The Huddle Room Experience With Trio 8300

Posted by Annelise Fasnacht on Oct 8, 2019 10:33:23 AM

Poly has just unveiled a new addition to its versatile Trio series, and this time they are taking aim at huddle rooms with a smart audio conferencing solution designed for small groups. The Poly Trio 8300, which was preceded by the 8500 and 8800 models, comes loaded with the features that make Poly’s solutions for medium and large rooms so essential, but it has been scaled down for use in tighter spaces.

A recent study conducted found that users of huddle rooms view ease, reliability and consistency as the most important characteristics of a small room solution. The Poly Trio 8300, which leans on the tried and true Poly features we’ve come to know and love, offers a simple and familiar user experience that will allow employees to hop into the huddle room and get to work with tools they are already comfortable with. There’s really no learning curve here--if you’re already hip to Poly’s seamless designs and no-fuss interfaces, getting up and running with the Trio family’s latest addition should be a piece of cake.

Like its older Trio siblings, the 8300 features USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and IP connectivity, and also supports hybrid registration, which allows users to join calls from any open SIP standards-based platform or service. And just as the 8500 and 8800 models can be transformed into video conferencing hubs with Polycom Visual+ and EagleEye USB cameras, so too can the 8300.

Even though the 8300 is designed for use in smaller, quieter rooms, it still comes equipped with Poly’s patented NoiseBlock technology, which filters out extraneous sound so your listeners only hear what’s important--your voice. And since this is Poly we’re talking about, that voice will sing loud and clear in crisp HD.

The open office plans that have taken the business world by storm have surely contributed to a culture of collaboration, but that same freewheeling culture has created a need for huddle room refuges, and more and more important business is being done in those small spaces. According to Frost & Sullivan, 70% of video conference meetings will happen in huddle rooms by 2022. In short: the future is coming. Poly can help you navigate it.

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