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5 Ways to Keep Your Home and Your Home Office Separate

Posted by Annelise Fasnacht on May 4, 2020 11:48:58 AM

Now that many of us find ourselves working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we may realize keeping a work life balance is a little harder now that work is at home. We might notice we are working more than we should or that its harder and harder to get out of that work mind set. Here are a few tips to help keep things separated (source: Cisco). 

1. It's easy to work a 16-hour day from home - so don't! 

Schedule your day. Establish some structure by knowing when you want to start and finish. It's easy to keep working or return to work late in the evening, as you have everything you need right there. But it's healthier to maintain set work hours. 

2. Avoid bringing work into the family environment. 

If you have deadlines, escalations and other intense situations, be aware of the impact it can have on your family members. They may see or overhear you handling difficult issues and, as a result, they might internalize that stress or worry. Try to be more conscious about this as it will also have an impact on your family. Take a minute to decompress at your desk and then move away from your work space. Be conscious of leaving work at work and moving to your home environment.  

3. Manage your home time carefully. 

Not having that commute can be fantastic. In fact, staying home makes it easier to engage in family time. But it's important to manage staying at home so you don't get burned out being home all day (and night). There have been times when I haven't left the house and have let three days go by without crossing my front door. Don't let that happen to you!

4. Be respectful and patient of other team members' home office environments. 

Some folks will have home offices that are well established, with a professional look and configuration. Others, who are new to working from home, may not. Some may struggle to carve out a work space in their homes or need to share that work environment with a spouse or significant other, which can cause background noise and distractions. If you hear a dog bark or a baby cry, please be patient with them. We are all getting used to our new environment and some of us have to share that environment with toddlers and pets. 

5. Structure your day with breaks. 

Walk the block, smell the roses, or do a call from the garden. If the walls start closing in, change your scenery:

  • Schedule lunch and eat it away from your office. You need both a mental and nutritional break... away from work.
  • Don't forget to exercise. Some folks will squeeze in a quick stretch, hit the stationary bike, or go for a run. Exercise in any form is a great way to clear out the mental cobwebs and re-energize your body.
  • Coffee can be your friend. Go and grab a cup from the drive-through to get out of the house. A good old fashioned coffee break will give you some extra pep and chance to be outside. 
  • Schedule quick 15-minute calls with colleagues or friends. Many teleworkers are missing catching up with folks at the water cooler. While you are home, simulate that connection by scheduling StarLeaf calls with your buddies. Stay social... while social distancing! 

Learn more about StarLeaf and other video conferencing solutions; if you have any additional questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact us. We will have one of our experts get back to you as soon as possible. Looking for something else? Use our Advanced Search tool to find it. 


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