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Headsets Are The Secret To Success

Posted by Annelise Fasnacht on Feb 6, 2020 9:00:59 AM

Last year, Poly conducted a global survey of office employees to find out how open office plans were impacting their productivity. The results probably wouldn’t surprise anyone who has ever spent a good chunk of time trying to do business amidst the hustle and bustle of an open space. 99 percent of employees said they get distracted while working at their personal workspace, while more than half of respondents said that distractions make it hard to listen and/or be heard on calls.

But those numbers don’t necessarily mean employees want to be quarantined in cubicles and offices. The same survey found that half of workers still prefer an open office plan, with younger workers especially enamored with the idea--55 percent of Generation Z and 56 percent of Millennials prefer an open plan, compared to 38 percent of Baby Boomers and 47 percent of Generation X.

Instead of returning to the carved up office spaces of yesteryear, we need to look for solutions that play to the strengths of the open office while making sure employees are protected from the distractions that hinder productivity.

“When you consider how many different work styles and different generations are thrown together in one place, it’s no wonder that almost everyone reports being distracted at work,” said Amy Barzdukas, CMO and Executive Vice President of Poly. “It’s equally clear that the right mix of technology and environment can reduce distraction and improve productivity – and that is what employees are asking for.”

Cultivating a work environment conducive to productivity and focus comes down to two key factors: fostering an office culture that respects boundaries and setting aside spaces (huddle rooms, conference rooms) where employees can count on a modicum of quiet and privacy. The shape these environmental interventions take will be unique to every company.

But there is one universally applicable solution for open office distractions and unwanted background noise: headsets. A wireless headset solution like Poly’s Savi 700 Series not only puts a buffer between its user and the noisy office around her--it also honors the flexible and free-flowing nature of the contemporary work space, by seamlessly switching between desk phones, mobile phones and PCs. You can also transfer your call from the headset to a mobile phone, so you can take any office call on the road with you. Because a headset is for more than just blocking noise. It’s also a way to work smarter.

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