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Out With Doubt: Demystifying Digital Signage

Posted by Annelise Fasnacht on Jan 15, 2020 10:51:14 AM

You've thought about implementing a digital signage solution, but something held you back. You thought it might cost too much. Or be too complicated. Or just wouldn't attract enough attention to justify all the trouble of installation and content creation. These are semi-reasonable objections, but they don't hold nearly as much water in 2020 as they might have five years ago. In reality, digital signage technology is a cost-effective and a fairly simple way to convey your company's message. Let's take a look at a few common points and see if we can't get digital signage onto your To Do List for 2020.

Cost Vs. Return

The cost of a digital signage solution might seem prohibitive at first look, but look past that price tag. Investing in a digital signage solution today will have a huge impact on your bottom line tomorrow. A recent study found that LED signage costs less than 10% per 10,000 impressions than other forms of advertising. So over the long haul, you’re getting great mileage out of your digital displays, and over time, you will get a considerable return on your investment. And that’s not even to mention the fact that you can monetize your signage by setting aside a portion of your content playlist for paid advertising. You’ll be in the black in no time.

Commercial Vs. Consumer Displays

In an attempt to maximize profit, you might think about cutting corners and purchasing a consumer LED display from your local big box retailer. The technology is basically the same, right? Well, yes and no. A consumer-grade panel might have the image quality you’re after, but your standard out-of-the-box flat-screen TV isn’t designed for constant daily use, whereas digital signage is. Also, with commercial-grade displays, you’ll have more control over content scheduling and more flexibility with video sources.

Dynamic Vs. Static Content

The prospect of creating content for your digital signage displays can be an intimidating one. Fortunately, today’s digital signage solutions often come loaded with templates that make content creation a breeze. Those posters and billboards definitely got the job done--but they only got it done once. With digital signage, it’s super simple to update your content and keep your “viewers” engaged with your company’s ever-evolving story. 

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