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Conquering Video Conferencing

Posted by Chessie Skates on Oct 11, 2013 2:12:00 PM

The popularity of standard video capabilities on tablets, mobile devices, and notebooks paired with a new wave of affordable, enterprise-quality products and Prime Call Cloud services means that many of us will increasingly need to be "on camera" for one business reason or another.

Video conferencing is here to stay. From job interviews, to connecting with co-workers around the globe, we may as well get used to it and learn to master the art of interacting via camera.

Here are five tips to keep in mind, to ensure your next video conference runs smoothly:

1. Practice: Practice makes perfect. You do not want to be the person holding everyone else up because you can't connect, hear or be heard. Set aside 15 minutes to get to know your device's video and audio settings and the service you are using to connect. Today's video conferencing devices are shockingly easy to use. If you are going to present, get to know the features you will need to use. Don't be that guy or girl.

2. Position: Play around with your own image, sound and avoid pointing the camera at a direct light source like a window or lamp. Whether you are connecting from home, your office, or a Video Conference room, take into account the positioning of your camera, microphone and seating. Most people either sit too low, too far or in a position that makes them look too relaxed. You may need to make some adjustments as your setup may be more suited for working than for conferencing.

3. Appearance: If you work from home you may be use to being more comfortable, but don't skimp on the grooming and dress. Others will notice the way you look. The image you present creates the first impression, often the lasting impression on the people you meet. 

4. Attention: Eye contact and body language are so important in video conferencing. Your attention should always be directed toward the speaker. Unless you are taking notes, distractions and disinterested people cause interruption for others in the conference, and multitasking is a definite no-no. Keep your eyes on the speaker and yourself, this will help you pay better attention and focus on the task at hand.

5. Mute and Disconnect: Make sure you are muted and disconnected correctly. This can save you from any mistakes or embarrassments. Muting your device is important, especially if you are in an area with background noise. The less distractions, the better communication can happen naturally. Make sure when your conference is over, or you are done participating to hang up, log out and close all conferencing applications.

With so many businesses of all sizes integrating video conferencing into their communications infrastructure, workers need to be prepared for more and more on-camera meetings. To maximize efficiency, and to avoid any awkward errors, keep these five tips in mind to ace your next video conference.


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