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Ten Common Video Conferencing Questions...Answered

Posted by Chessie Skates on Oct 24, 2013 9:23:00 AM

1 .     Why does my business need video conferencing?

Video conferencing is transforming businesses all over the world in nearly every industry. Companies have relied on web and audio conferencing to collaborate for too long. Video conferencing is more productive, cost-effective, and more engaging, than any other form of technology. That is why it is perfect for businesses of all sizes.

2.     I’ve often heard that video conferencing is expensive.  Is that true?

You may be astonished to learn that this technology is more affordable and accessible than you may think. Thanks to cloud technology and regulations on software based solutions, the past three years has seen a dramatic drop in cost for the best-in-class video conferencing solutions.

3.     I use Skype and Google Hangouts but is it right to use for my business?

Google Hangouts and Skype are popular free video conferencing solutions. These technologies are excessive for chatting with friends or family, but they often lack the reliability, security, and performance of enterprise grade video solutions. However, technology such as Prime Call Cloud offers a similar, more secure experience to and from any device.

4.     How does video conferencing save my business money?

High definition video conferencing allows productive collaboration between two or more parties, no matter where each of them are. Individuals no longer need to travel great distances to meet one another.  Making important business decisions can now occur over video, which provides the same face-to-face quality as a meeting in a conference room. Not only was this former method inefficient, it was incredibly expensive. The travel saving is important, but the biggest benefit is in the time saved and the increased productivity.

5.     What’s the main difference between standards-based and proprietary video conferencing? 

Standards-based video conferencing allows numerous manufacturers’ products to communicate with one another. Facetime, for example, does not allow for cross vendor conversations, which severely impacts effective collaboration. Proprietary technology simply does not work for companies who want to connect to those outside of their organization.

6.     What is video conferencing infrastructure and its benefits? 

Video conferencing infrastructure allows you to expand the power of your video investment, and can support features like streaming and recording, multipoint calls, mobile collaboration and much more. Infrastructure has now become virtualized or cloud-based, which means a lower upfront investment and total cost of ownership.

7.     How do I extend video conferencing to my customers and partners?

What is the benefit of advancing in video conferencing technology if you cannot speak to individuals such as customers and partners? With the right video collaboration solutions, you can build stronger related relationships with those who are most important, regardless of what video conferencing system they are using. Prime Call Cloud is cloud-based, so the meeting host can give the customer or partner a web link or URL and a meeting room number and they can access the virtual meeting room from their computer or tablet’s web browser and camera.

8.     Is video conferencing hard to use?

Video conferencing is often thought of as a complex technology only for those who are incredibly tech savvy. However, the technology has evolved and is now as simple as making a phone call. Some tools are so easy, in fact, that they can be used without any IT training at all. If you can use an iPhone, you can make a video call simply and quickly. Video training centers are also available and offer step-by-step training.

9.     How can I determine ROI from my video conferencing dollars?

Typically return on investment is calculated from a dollars perspective, however, we recommend also viewing the ROI from a time perspective. Decreasing business travel has its cost benefits, as does accelerating the decision making process via video conferencing.

10.  Can I run video conferencing over a normal internet connection?

Businesses of all different sizes can connect the power of high definition video conferencing for a minimal investment. You may be shocked to learn that video chatting is as simple as making a phone call, and requires very little IT support to install and utilize it.





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