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Lifesize Share: Collaboration And Content Sharing

Posted by Annelise Fasnacht on Feb 15, 2019 10:23:00 AM

Last year, Lifesize introduced the compact and intuitive Lifesize Share, a wireless solution for presentations that made it virtually painless to get up in front of a group and share ideas via screens. It was a great start. But the modern meeting is, ideally, an omnidirectional exchange of information and images, and Lifesize is taking this into account with its new enhancements for Lifesize Share, which is poised to become the go-to solution for companies looking for a simple collaboration tool for smaller meeting rooms.

“According to Gartner, the average company uses at least four different communications and collaboration tools,” explained Michael Helmbrecht, Lifesize’s Chief Operations Officer. “This causes frustration for business users coping with different solutions from one room to the next, and for IT departments who are desperate to create a more intuitive system for collaborative working. Traditionally, available solutions have required expensive integrations or customised programming, making it cost prohibitive to broadly deploy the tools employees want, particularly in smaller huddle rooms.”

The new additions to Lifesize Share make it easier than ever to get up and running with multi-purpose meeting rooms. With Bluetooth beacon technology, you can launch Lifesize room systems remotely and join meetings from mobile devices. When your screens aren’t being used for video calls or content sharing, they can be transformed into digital signage. Automated content switching allows you to switch from digital signage mode to a video call automatically. And Lifesize Share’s whiteboard function allows you to capture and share whiteboard content, with meeting participants both on- and off-site participating via the Kaptivo whiteboard collaboration system.

And, as has been the case since Lifesize Share’s beginning, you can use this solution with any operating system. Additionally, Share can act as a wireless access point for guests wishing to share information while keeping it secure at the same time.

So forget the dark days of multiple tools and apps and literal wires getting all tangled in a mess of miscommunication. With Lifesize Share, everything you need is in one wireless, dongle-less package. It couldn’t be more simple.

Learn more about the wide range of Lifesize solutions and please contact us if you have any questions. We will have one of our experts get back to you shortly. If there is anything else you’re looking for, use our Advanced Search tool to find it. As always, keep an eye on our blog for regular updates from the world of video conferencing and collaboration.


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