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Advantages of Cloud Video Conferencing

Posted by Annelise Fasnacht on Feb 29, 2016 11:19:00 AM

While there are certainly advantages to keeping video conferencing infrastructure on-premise, more and more organizations are opting for cloud-based solutions. Organizations dealing with highly sensitive material--medical and government institutions, for example--might want to stick with an on-premise solution to guarantee the security of their information, but for many companies, videoconferencing in the cloud can increase flexibility and simplify connectivity without sacrificing the perks of an on-premise array.

If you’re not sure if the cloud is right for you, consider the following benefits.

A cloud-based video conferencing solution eliminates the need to invest in costly infrastructure. For smaller companies working with a limited budget, a solution like Prime Call Cloud MeetMe delivers the benefits of video connectivity without the burdensome financial sacrifice. Sure, all that fancy gear makes a conference room look nifty, but not everyone can afford such expensive furniture.

The whole point of integrating video into your company’s routine is increasing connectivity and collaboration, but not everyone is an A/V expert, and managing an on-premises video system isn’t always simple. A cloud-based solution pares down the process of connecting to a few simple clicks that anyone with minimal internet experience should be able to handle.

Accommodating Growth and Expansion
It’s not only smaller companies who can benefit from a more affordable cloud-based alternative to on-premises videoconferencing hardware. Larger companies in a growth phase can bring new office locations into the loop immediately with a cloud solution, which drastically cuts the delays inherent in installation and configuration.

Maybe your business peaks in predictable seasonal patterns. Or maybe you just don’t know how heavy your videoconferencing demands are going to be. If you’re bandwidth demands are inconsistent or uncertain, cloud-based solutions can allow you to expand or contract as needed. Why pay for something you’re not using?

Minimizing Risk
The rate at which technology changes and improves is, in many ways, a pretty wonderful thing, but for companies that invest thousands of dollars in state-of-the-art infrastructure, it can be incredibly daunting to face the prospect of paying for equipment that might or might not survive the ensuing years of technological upheaval. Cloud-computing lifts the burden of such fortune-telling and puts the weight where it should be: on the shoulders of experts managing your conferencing subscription.

Connecting with your traveling employees and telecommuting team members can be logistically bumpy, but with a cloud-based service, all end points--desktop PCs, tablets, phones, home office computers--are united, and with a simple interface that any employee can feel comfortable with, no matter where they are.

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