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Cisco Rolls Out Signage Mode For WebEx

Posted by Annelise Fasnacht on Feb 9, 2019 10:05:00 AM

With video conferencing, content sharing and whiteboard capabilities, Cisco WebEx already seemingly did it all. But now, with the introduction of a digital signage feature, Cisco is taking their all-in-one communication solution to another level.

Digital signage is a crucial component of customer outreach and client engagement, and while there is nothing quite like a devoted digital signage solution for lobbies and other public-facing areas, this kind of unidirectional messaging need not be limited to B2C communications. Digital signage can also be an effective way to share information internally, and with Cisco WebEx’s new “signage mode,” every screen in your organization can be transformed into a display for customized content.

Signage mode takes advantage of the web engine built into Room OS, which runs on all cloud-registered Cisco video systems. Whenever Cisco WebEx enters idle mode, the screen will display any web page you choose. You don’t need any extra apps or cables--just enter a URL and let the machine take care of the rest.

The possibilities are pretty much endless, but signage mode will be especially attractive to companies employing open office plans. When devices aren’t being used for video conferences or collaboration sessions, they can enjoy second lives as digital bulletin boards delivering interdepartmental messages or company-wide missives. Or you can treat signage mode as a decorative addition that replaces black screens and repetitive screensavers with compelling imagery that adds flare to the office environment.

Cisco partner Appspace is already using the brand new feature, and it’s working wonders.

“The new signage mode feature on the WebEx video devices allowed us to integrate the Appspace progressive web app with minimum to no code changes,” said Appspace co-founder Stan Stephens. “The performance and compatibility of the signage mode is great, equaling and, in some cases, exceeding the capabilities of dedicated media players. This means we can offer the full UX experience without compromising content transitions or playback.”

Whether you are looking for a simple way to supplement an existing digital signage solution or building a digital signage presence from the ground up, Cisco WebEx can put all of your screens to work when they aren’t being used for work.

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