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On Wednesday, Cisco confirmed several new video conferencing products and updates proposed to increase its position in this developing corporate market.

Three integrated video systems are being released. The second generation of the Cisco TelePresence MX200 is intended for smaller rooms, is supposed to be easy to install and offers high definition. The Cisco TelePresence MX700 and MX800 are designed for medium-size to large rooms, and supports H.265 video along with HD.

Intelligent Proximity

The TelePresence SX10 Quick Set utilizes present flat panel displays and within 10 minutes turns them into a HD video collaboration system.

They have also added new cameras. The TelePresence Precision 60 delivers large zoom range with a 1080p/60 image quality. The TelePresence SpeakerTrack 60 uses the Precision 60 to provide a dual camera system with automatic zoom toward the active speaker by engaging facial recognition and voice triangulation technology, while it monitors the speaker as he/she moves around the room.

The TelePresence SX80 is constructed for large rooms. It can be combined with different camera options while still supporting H.265 on up to three screens.

Cisco also says its beta feature Intelligent Proximity can be incorporated within its solutions. The video system with Intelligent Proximity will be prompted to ask the user if he/she would like to participate in the media experience when it senses that a mobile device has been brought into a meeting.

Once the invitation is accepted and the smartphone or tablet is corresponding with the system, the user is allowed to separately evaluate presented material or share materials using the large screen. The concept is that space on the main monitor can be available for group focused presentations if the mobile device users want to review material in detail.

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