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Cisco And Apple Are Working Together To Make Collaboration Seamless

Posted by Annelise Fasnacht on Sep 30, 2018 10:24:00 AM

Cisco WebEx is a versatile, all-in-one conferencing and collaboration solution that is ideal for remote workers on mobile devices. It has always been an intuitive and user-friendly solution for meeting participants on the move, but with Cisco’s recent integration with Apple iOS, it’s even easier for WebEx users on iOS devices to connect with their colleagues. Let's dig in to these exciting new features.

Join With a Touch

Joining a Cisco WebEx meeting used to require the additional step of navigating to a separate app, but now you need only tap an iOS notification or calendar event to enter a meeting. This new capability extends to any enterprise calendar service, with no IT configuration required.

Share Your Screen

Now you can show your distant colleagues what you’re seeing on your iOS screen. Whether it’s a photograph or presentation or crucial bit of text, you can share your screen with everyone else in the virtual meeting.

Native Calling

One of the most exciting features Cisco’s new integration with iOS is the integration of calling services. You can now answer your work calls from the lock screen, like you would with any other call. And the same holds true for outgoing calls. You can now use iOS tools like Contacts, Recents and Favorites to place work calls. You can even use Siri to place your business calls. Again, this is all doable without launching an app.

Customer Support

Cisco and Apple aren’t limiting the reach of their integration to internal business communication and collaboration. With Cisco Contact Center and Apple Business Chat beta, customers can contact business directly through Messages when using Maps, Safari, Search or Siri. This means customers can communicate with businesses using the tools they are most comfortable with.

Meetings Made Easy

When you do make it into the conference room for a meeting, you can instantly pair your iOS device to the WebEx devices on site, at which point you can share your screen, draw on a whiteboard and eventually take the meeting with you if you have to leave. No wires to untangle and plug in. No confusing hoops to jump through. Just a couple of devices getting along like best buds.

Improved Connections

This world of wireless devices demands reliable and speedy Wi-Fi connectivity, and with Cisco Fast Lane, users can prioritize business apps for iOS and macOS, thereby improving quality of service during times of high traffic.

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