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Take Conference Calls Anywhere With Poly’s Calisto 3200

Posted by Annelise Fasnacht on Jun 18, 2019 8:54:42 AM

It used to be that remote workers and distributed teams did not have access to compact and manageable collaboration solutions that matched the quality of on-site infrastructure. This is no longer the case. Remote employees now have access to a host of solutions that liberate business-grade technology from the confines of the office. Among the pioneers of such accessible and mobile solutions were Polycom and Plantronics, who merged last year and rebranded as Poly.

Newly named but still committed to innovating solutions for a mobile world, Poly recently unveiled the Calisto 3200, a portable speakerphone that brings the conference room to wherever you happen to be.

“More than two-thirds of people around the world are working outside the office at least once a week, and even those in the office need solutions for collaborating on the go,” said Shantanu Sarkar, Executive Vice President, Headset Business Unit at Plantronics. “Our latest Calisto speakerphones enable conference calls from anywhere and provide the confidence that you’ll be able to hear, and, more importantly, will be heard clearly on the other end.”

Powered by USB and compatible with both PCs and Macs, the Calisto 3200 has a 360-degree microphone that provides excellent audio quality from up to ten feet away. With integrated cord storage and a convenient carrying case, the Calisto 3200 is ideal for remote workers who like to travel light.

With visual indicators for its various functions--call, volume, mute--the Calisto 3200 gives you the control you need while eliminating any  complicated protocols. Just plug it in to your PC or Mac and it will turn on automatically.

Users of Plantronics Manger Pro can manage, monitor and maintain the Calisto 3200, thereby ensuring that the device is operating at the level of performance we have come to expect from Plantronics and Polycom.

This isn’t just a solution for remote workers. In a recent study sponsored by Poly, sixty-five percent of surveyed employees said they found co-workers talking nearby to be a distracting office noise. And if that office noise is distracting to them, one can assume such background sounds are also getting picked up by their phones and annoying the people on the other end. With the Calisto 3200, office-bound employees can simply take their audio conference into the quiet of a huddle room, where they can be guaranteed a clear and distraction-free conversation or conference.

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