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Cybersecurity-related attacks are growing and the increase of ransomware, supply chain attacks, and threats to internet of things (IoT) devices place even small organizations at risk. Hackers exploit backdoors in smart TV firmware or software, telecommunication equipment, and cameras every day. SecureEDGE is standing guard to stop these hackers in their tracks. SecureEDGE is simple, secure, and ready to protect your networks when you need it most.

Affordable & Simple IoT Cybersecurity Protection

What is SecureEDGE?

SecureEDGE is a powerful and easy-to-use security software as a service (SaaS) platform that deploys instantly and delivers enterprise-grade threat identification and protection at a fraction of the cost of equivalent options.

This innovative, self-contained approach to security is easily deployed on a firewall. Everything about SecureEDGE is simple, streamlined, and secure. Even with a robust IT department with well-instrumented security tools, SecureEDGE is an added layer of automated protection that monitors and protects the technology on the network in real time, with no internal expertise required.

How does it work?

SecureEDGE monitors the inbound and outbound traffic between your network and the broad internet. The metadata of any communication gets captured such as where the traffic is going and how much data is being transferred (metadata includes: source & destination IPs, port & protocol, bytes sent & received, and more). That metadata is then analyzed to determine if any malicious activity is occurring. In the event of a malicious attack, SecureEDGE will stop those communications and act.

  • Monitor: Monitor network traffic & benefit from enterprise-grade threat intelligence
  • Detect: Quickly find threats and act
  • Alert: Get instant network notifications via Slack, email or Syslog
  • Block: Stop malicious traffic and reduce threats through firewall automation & manual blocking

Affordable & Simple

Most security solutions are expensive and deliver little in the way of actionable results. SecureEDGE is different. We offer a powerful Security solution designed from the ground up to be affordable and easy to manage. Traffic is scored on a scale of 1 through 9, combining both risk and level of confidence with the ability to configure auto-blocking for any connections scoring at or above 7, 8, or 9 .




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