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Crucial Communication Strategies For The Modern Office

Posted by Ashley Jones on Jan 3, 2018 10:59:00 AM

So, you’re finally on board with this whole digital revolution thing. You have decided your office might need a makeover to bring it into the 21st century. Excellent! Welcome! Let’s go over a few key communication solutions you probably won’t want to work without.

Face-to-Face Capabilities

This might go without saying, but we’ll say it: the foundation of any modern office communication solution should revolve around video conferencing. This is how your scattered workforce can take advantage of face-to-face meetings. This is how clients expect to communicate with you. This is what prospective employees will look for when they are considering a job offer. It is crucial.

Brainstorming Tech

Remember, if you will, the days before devices took over the workplace. You and your team are breaking down a pesky problem with a brainstorming session. What do you when you think about this scenario? Let us guess: someone standing by a whiteboard and scrawling barely legible ideas onto the board with colorful marks. The board is a seemingly incoherent mess of letters and squiggles and lines and circles, but it makes sense to everyone there, because the board has become a mirror for the brain power operating in the room. No matter how many well-organized chats or expertly mediated video conferences you devote to a project, sometimes there’s no substitute for the immediacy of a whiteboard-centric brainstorming session. With a solution like Cisco Spark, this classic collaboration technique has been updated for the 21st century, with a whiteboard that allows users to sketch directly on the screen and share the work with co-workers via their devices, with which they can annotate and add to the document. It’s just like the whiteboard you used to know and love--only better.

Video Outreach

With video conferencing solutions supplanting so much of the conventional methods of interaction, your employees and customers, having grown increasingly comfortable with video communication, will appreciate video content in other realms of business. With recording and streaming solutions, you can easily create short video messages for both internal communication and promotional emails. In-house videos make a great substitute for text-based missives, as the camera can pick up on nuances of tone and intent that often get lost in a standard email.

Organized Messaging

The days of endless, directionless email threads are behind us. Or they should be. Solutions like Cisco Spark make it easier than ever to manage messaging in a way that keeps everyone engaged and on the same page. It’s just far too easy to lose your way in an email free-for-all with multiple participants. With Spark, you can create as many rooms as you need, making for more focused discussions. Additionally, users can review the history of messages and files shared in each room, which makes catching up on a conversation super simple. There’s simply no longer any need for the email exchange that snowballs into chaos.

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