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Prime Call Support

Solutionz Prime Call Support Service Portfolio is comprised of four service offerings (Prime Call 24/7, Prime Call On-Site, T&M Services, and Prime Call IM Services) to ensure reliable operation and longer life for all your conferencing facilities. Because technical support and preventative maintenance is necessary for enhanced performance and optimal operation, our highly trained and certified technicians have the knowledge, experience, and training to keep your equipment at its highest level of performance.

Prime Call Support provides an end-to-end support program to ensure your equipment is up and running when needed. Solutionz customers have the option to choose from four (4) levels of Support:

1. Prime Call 24/7

Prime Call 24/7


Offering 24-hour service testing facilities, unlimited training and technical support, as well as the easiest to use service program on the market.

Benefits of Prime Call 24/7

  • Unlimited Phone Support - Unlimited access to our Technical Service Center 24-hours a day, 7-days a week
  • Round-the-Clock Testing - Available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week dial-in testing at our nationwide Video Test Centers
  • Superior Response Time - Immediate response time to requests during normal business hours
    • Call back response time of no more than 30 minutes any time of day from the time you place your call
  • Troubleshoot with Network Provider - Network carrier is called by our Service Center if the problem is determined to reside in the network
  • Rapid Replacement - Receive rapid parts replacement, all parts are shipped using next business day service, for components deemed failed at your location
  • Software Upgrades - Obtain eligible manufacturer(s) upgrades
    • Receive step-by-step walkthroughs for your systems’ upgrade process
  • Free End User Training Class - Schedule a free remote training (basic user) orientation for each video system for the term of entitlement
    • Half-hour classes accommodate up to 6 participants (a $750 value)

Terms & Conditions


  • Coverage is for support on customer’s option of a one or three year contract
  • Coverage begins from the date equipment is delivered on-site at the customer location


  • Hardware warranties cover codecs, primary cameras and microphone, and network modules


  • Coverage excludes equipment failure resulting from misuse, neglect, theft, or accident, whether committed by the customer or a third party

2. Prime Call On-Site

Prime Call On-Site

Prime Call On-Site is an additional service of Prime Call, available to Prime Call customers for an additional charge, in which we will send a technician as needed to replace or repair failed or broken video conferencing equipment hardware. Upon notification of a problem and if troubleshooting has failed to rectify the reported issue, a technician will arrive in conjunction with the replacement equipment and will work until the problem is solved.

3. Prime Call T&M Services

Prime Call T&M Services

Coming soon

4. Prime Call Integrated Maintenance (IM)

Prime Call Integrated Maintenance (IM)


Offering an Integrated Maintenance (IM) program that helps ensure longer life and reliable operation of your video conference equipment.

Annual Preventative Maintenance

IM includes an annual on-site preventative maintenance visit by one of our trained technicians, which is essential for optimal operation and enhanced performance, while minimizing downtime and equipment failure. IM includes:

  • Verification and adjustment of audio and video quality
  • Inspection and adjustment of cabling and wire management areas to ensure all cabling is properly connected and secured
  • Inspection and adjustment of all equipment as needed
  • Completion of a survey to identify needed upgrades, repairs, and/or concerns

Three On-Site Service Calls

  • Three (3) on-site service calls per year
  • Monitor and observe the use of the equipment by your employees to assess areas of need and calling habits
  • Dispatch of one of our technician within 48-hours to continue on-site troubleshooting efforts after a trouble ticket has been opened and remote troubleshooting efforts fail to rectify the reported issue
  • Weekend dispatches excluding holidays

Prime Call Help Desk Phone Support

IM service customers enjoy the added benefit of Prime Call 24/7, our full service Help Desk which includes:

  • Professional problem diagnostics
  • Support by highly trained service technicians and referral to manufacturer(s) as needed

Warranty Part Replacement Assistance

Warranty Part Replacement Assistance includes the following:

  • Facilitation of the replacement process for all equipment failure independent of the manufacturer warranty status by Prime Call Technicians
  • Replacement tracking through Prime Call 24/7
  • Shipping of all parts via Next Day Service, if available
  • Control system code fixes