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Solutionz, Inc. is a leading AV Integrator and professional services provider. We deliver the most reliable, comprehensive, and best-in-class audio visual systems that transform the way organizations across the US do business.

Job Summary:

The purchasing department has many critical responsibilities that generally fall into two fronts:

  1. Setting up customer orders exactly right, and
  2. Order equipment at the best possible price and the right time.

Setting up customer orders exactly right
Solutionz is a complicated project business and customer orders can involve many variables, line items and complexities. While the Sales Reps provide the oxygen that keeps the business alive, the purchasing department helps sales “get the details right” working hand-in-hand with sales reps to make sure Sales Orders in the system are an exact match with what the customer has been promised. This is a very complicated process with many twists and turns but purchasing is the correct control point to help the company drive efficient and accurate purchases at the best available price. It is important that every line of every sales order is the correct item with the correct sales price and cost. This helps ensure that we don’t buy the wrong parts AND gross profit data from the Sales Order effects Sales Rep commissions. This front also includes managing a detailed parts list and pricing information to drive streamlined purchase order creation. It is purchasing responsibility to make sure the Sales Order is accurate based on what was submitted by the sales rep including sales prices, costs and gross profit.

Order equipment at the best possible price and the right time
Given that “Equipment Cost of Goods Sold” is the largest line item in the financials, small moves by the Purchasing Department can mean significant savings for the company. This means we must buy the right equipment on the first try. Not too soon (needlessly consuming cash), and not too late (causing avoidable shipping fees). Every purchaser can add a ton of value to the bottom line by chasing down the best possible price in any scenario. In addition, the Purchasing Departments plays a critical role to avoid ordering things that we might already have available in inventory.

Key Responsibilities

  • Setting up and revising customer records in NetSuite, as needed.
  • Setting up Sales Orders to match the Contract Value and equipment specifications of every deal submitted by a Sales Rep.
  • Confirming financial details as well as informational details (billing address, terms, shipping address, etc) accurately match up with customer PO/Contract/Signed Estimate and ensuring all required information and documentation is properly stored in NetSuite.
  • Issuing Purchase Orders for needed items, checking vendor costs and proactively seeking opportunities to negotiate with vendors or to combine orders to reduce unit cost or total cost (ie: free shipping, early pay discounts, bulk purchase, quarter-end purchases, special pricing, etc).
  • Processing change orders submitted by sales and project management, updating the sales order, and purchasing needed items.
  • Creates PO for subcontractor quotes and receives approved invoices from project manager and submits to AP.
  • Creating and maintaining and accurate parts database that drive accurate purchases and pricing.
  • Working collaboratively with other departments (sales, project management, warehouse, accounting, etc.) through the life of a deal, concerning delivery needs, and status of installation.
  • Helping the company minimize inventory levels by working with warehouses to check inventory and determine when items need to be ordered. Making stock purchases only when necessary.
  • Provides order status and tracking for vendor purchase orders, as requested by supervisor.
  • When items are returned to warehouse from the field, decides whether to keep or return the item, getting all Return Merchandise Authorization information, and communicates to Accounts Payable when to expect incoming credits.
  • Tracking down proof of customer tax-exempt status.


  • A bachelor's degree from an accredited, 4-year university
  • Proficiency in Excel, Outlook, and the rest of the Microsoft suite of products.