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Lead Technician

Job Summary: Responsible for instructing, directing and overseeing onsite installation, configuration, customer service and troubleshooting of A/V equipment, computers, software and related peripherals. Provides oversight of PM schedule of installation, shipping department, drafting, field engineers and programming schedule.

Key Responsibilities

  • Performing Professional Audio-Visual systems installation & integration duties. Applies knowledge and understanding of signal & cable types, terminations, network, rack fabrication, projector & screen mounting, Video & Audio-conferencing in addition to schedule and cost management.
  • Ensures standards of rack building are attained while coordinating efforts in Production, Engineering, Field Engineering and Drafting.
  • Responsible for coordinating directly with the client onsite
  • Oversees the installation team in building integrated A/V solutions at customer sites, assisting Level I and II Technicians, while ensuring systems are installed quickly, efficiently and at the same time upholding quality standards of the company in response to project management time table
  • Verifies time scheduling to meet project projections requests for equipment and services
  • Responsible for on-going mentoring of Technician I and II by providing training in installation of projection screens, display mounts, ceiling speakers, wired microphones, and equipment racks.


  • High School diploma or equivalent
  • Bachelor’s degree preferred
  • 1-2 years of experience in installing complex Audio Visual Systems
Employment: Type Full-time