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Field Technician I

Goals and Outcomes: Responsible for setting up, installing, operating, testing, and troubleshooting Audio/Video/Control systems and related equipment while assisting Field Technician II and/or Lead Technician.

Essential Functions

  • Works with the entire project team so that all related information, schedules, and documentation are understood
  • Installation of all AV equipment per Solutionz documentation and industry standards, while adhering to a local low-voltage and National Electrical Code
  • Assembling and testing AV equipment racks.
  • Installation, termination, and testing of all field cabling in accordance with drawings and specifications.
  • Assisting with inventory and delivery of all equipment to the job site.
  • Ensures that office workspace, company vehicle, and jobsite remain clean and free of trash and debris.
  • Assisting the project team with system commissioning, testing and final punch-out.
  • Occasional Travel will be required
  • Learn field cabling standards, basic terminations, and signal flow.
  • Learn structural mounting
  • Learn basic AV troubleshooting, networking, and to read/understand A/V/C drawings.

Universal Responsibilites

  • Adopt and practice the Solutionz’ Four Pillars: Hard Work, Morale, Continuous Improvement, and The
    Bottom Line.
  • Understand that you are the front-line ambassador of the Solutionz brand. Strive to always provide the
    best customer experience.
  • Always represent Solutionz in a positive professional manner.
  • Promptly reply to all email and voicemail communications, including outside of standard work hours
    when required.
  • Complete timecards and EOD reports daily.
  • Keep all scheduled activities current on your Solutionz MS Outlook calendar.
  • Productively interface with all team members and project stakeholders – internal and external.
  • Understand and follow Solutionz policies and procedures


  • Proficiency with hand tools
  • Ability to work from a ladder
  • Ability to lift up to 50lbs
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Exhibit good teamwork
  • Respect coworkers, clients, vendors, and all other project staff
  • Take responsibility for all actions and activities
  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Valid driver’s license
Employment: Type Full-time