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CADD Technician

Job Summary: Partnering with sales, engineering and project management staff to produce system wiring documentation and architectural coordination documentation for integrated audiovisual, videoconferencing and broadcast systems.

Key Responsibilities

  • Produce comprehensive system wiring and architectural documentation including signal flow documents, system wiring details and architectural details, mounting details, floor plans, reflected ceiling plans, equipment location drawings, etc. for audiovisual, videoconferencing and broadcast designs.
  • Need to know the following systems for control rooms, operations centers, network operations center, boardrooms, visualization labs, executive briefing centers, classrooms and training rooms
    • Display Systems
    • Routing and switching systems
    • Signal processing
    • Control systems
    • Equipment racks
    • Audio systems
    • Lighting systems
    • Videoconferencing systems


  • Current familiarity with commercial/professional audiovisual, videoconferencing and broadcast equipment
  • Strong computer skills with Microsoft
  • College degree or degree from recognized CADD training facility
  • 2 years of experience in CADD drafting role or CAD drafting experience in
  • AV or similar
Employment: Type Full-time