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Video Conferencing in Vermont Libraries

Posted by Chessie Skates on Aug 23, 2013 11:45:00 AM

Five different libraries around Vermont recently were brought together for a news conferencing via video conferencing. Fourteen libraries have installed new video conferencing  to allow their patrons to connect to whomever they need to without paying for an at-home solution.

These new systems were given to the libraries thanks to a donation from Google. Google’s head of community affairs pointed out that video conferencing used to be confined to government agencies and corporate offices that had the money to afford such systems. Now with desktop video conferencing setups people are able to use software like Google Hangout and Skype to connect.

The $77,000 donation from Google was used to purchase large computer monitors, microphones and cameras as well as training on how to operate the software. This was all part of the public libraries goal to provide free computer and internet access to the public. People using these systems in the library will be able to use them to conference with friends, family and even loved ones overseas. This is also an opportunity to enable the creation of more jobs – people could conduct first-round video interviews through these video systems. Library personnel also see use with video conferencing for education by enabling English language learners to develop their language skills.

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