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Why Video Conferencing Solutions for Healthcare Make Sense

Posted by Chessie Skates on Jul 3, 2012 3:27:00 PM

Maximizing productivity while reducing costs is just the beginning of what video conferencing solutions deliver to the healthcare industry.  Health care environments thrive when real-time interactive communication is improved which also elevates the quality of healthcare.

10 Leading Reasons to Implement Video Conferencing:

  1. Fits into any budget
  2. Eliminates any geographical boundaries - allows for real-time face-to-face communication with patients and colleagues who reside in offices across town or across the country
  3. Reduces time away from the office and signigicant travel costs
  4. Delivers face-to-face translation services with Passport to Languages for non-English speaking patients
  5. Provides upper management with better visibility of employees, allowing them to connect more often and more quickly
  6. Provides a low-cost high impact way to extend distance learning
  7. Ensures ease of use and management
  8. Presents quick ROI (return on investment)
  9. Boosts efficiency and productivity by allowing meeting and appointments to be scheduled anytime, any place
  10. Allows for computer image and document viewing (e.g., echocardiograms, CT Scans, etc.) through the video conference stream
The challenges that people daily meet in healthcare are many. Telepresence and Video conferencing technology meet these challenges head on!  Solutionz offers the best way for any health care provider to increase the level of care, control costs, address staffing shortages, serve rural patients, and stay ahead of the competition.
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