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Cisco Video Conferencing Solution for the Hearing Impaired

Cisco and the Oman Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) announced the launch of a new Cisco video conferencing solution for Omani citizens with hearing difficulties at the Comex Oman 2014. 

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Negatives of Telecommuting?

Those who work from home often preach the great benefits of telecommuting – better work-life balance, increased productivity, they’re saving their company money, etc. But some individuals and companies alike feel the negatives of working from home outweigh the positives.

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Quick Tips for Telecommuting

Video conferencing is now available to almost anyone due to the capabilities of smartphones and computers. This technology, including FaceTime, Skype and GoogleTalk, has led to a rise in telecommuting allowing employees like account managers or sales to work from home. With all these people working out of their home-office, it begs the question of how does “business attire” or “business casual” translate appropriately to “home-office” attire?

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A Case for Telecommuting

The endless debate over whether or not to offer your employees the option of telecommuting remains. While all parties agree that telecommuting is able to offer an improved work/life balance, many aren’t sure this is the right solution for their company. Due to the lack of investment in tools or training for these technologies, it makes sense that adoption and effective collaboration aren’t happening. Having the right tools in your hands make all the difference.

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Telecommuting Congress

New Mexico Congressman Steve Pearce recently introduced the idea of a telecommuting Congress where lawmakers would be in a “virtual Congress”.  This would give Congress the ability to video conference, vote on legislation, and debate from their own districts.

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Connected Employee Engagement

The more connected employees feel, the simpler it is to embrace their employer and organization’s objectives. Keeping employees engaged and connected can be a challenge for employers, but this is essential logistically and also socially.

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Volcanic Ash Boosts Need for Video Conferencing

The volcanic eruption in Iceland caused a complete halt in travel plans all throughout Europe. As thousands of flights in and out of Europe were cancelled, many people were left stranded with no word on when the next flight out will be. Business meetings were cancelled and destinations were unreachable. But as the saying goes, "Every cloud has a silver lining." In this case, the silver lining consisted of an integrative and innovative piece of technology, why of course- video conferencing.

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Top 5 Ways to be GREEN with Video Conferencing


With the continuous increase of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere, it is important now, more than ever to reduce our carbon footprints. Organizations, big and small, are doing their part by saving costs on travel, which reduces carbon emissions. Video conferencing and telepresence replaces the need to travel by car and plane, but doesn't compromise face-to-face interaction and productivity.

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