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Video Conferencing: Telejustice at Work

Posted by Chessie Skates on Apr 13, 2010 6:15:00 AM

Throughout America's justice system, agencies at all levels face ever-shrinking budgets, even as caseloads continue to rise. Yet inherent process inefficiencies - and an institutional reliance on in-person communication - make it difficult for administrators to trim expenses without sacrificing levels of service and security or risking compromises in due process.

As demands on agencies intensify, the traditional ways of doing business in person are growing too costly, too time-consuming, and too inefficient. And by doing nothing, managers risk lay-offs or painful (and often ineffective) relocation of resources.

In these times of tight budgets and shrinking tax revenues, a growing number of government agencies are seizing the opportunity to apply proven technologies in ways that help them cut operational expenses and improve productivity - in short, do more with less. By making strategic use of today's high definition video conferencing systems, agencies from coast to coast are fulfilling their need to conduct business face-to-face, but without incurring the costs associated with appearing before judges, offering testimony, escorting prisoners, conducting or receiving training, or attending meetings.

Agencies throughout the country report that video communications has helped them:

  • Process more cases
  • Increase security and reduce risk to the public
  • Expand staff expertise
  • Reduce or eliminate overtime
  • Improve prisoner re-integration success
  • Ease visitation processes for families
If you work with a government agency, how has video conferencing helped you?
Video conferencing reduces inmate transportation. 


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