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Polycom Video Conferencing in Denver School District

Posted by Chessie Skates on Jan 3, 2013 9:24:00 AM

Polycom Video Conferencing

Colorado’s largest school district uses Polycom technology in their Schools allowing the district to stretch resources across Jefferson County. As schools across the country struggle with budgets, video conferencing becomes an ever-more strategic solution to spread expertise across geographies and schools.

Jefferson County (Jeffco) school district serves 86,000 students and spans half of Denver and into the mountains. Since 2009, Polycom video conferencing has provided a way for Jeffco’s employees to reduce their time traveling between the 150 administrative sites and schools (some travel times clocking in over 90 minutes). Now 10,000 video conferences later, the Denver school district uses Polycom technology for more than saving staff time.

Teachers and students alike are being encouraged to participate in the BOYD (bring your own device) trend so that they may collaborate with the same tools they use at home and are comfortable with. One teacher implemented Polycom RealPresence technology into their curriculum by video conferencing with his students while he was in New Zealand. The lecture was so popular that two other classrooms requested an encore.  Other teachers are using this to enhance their foreign language curriculum by having French and Spanish students link up with kids in France or Spain.

There have also been college recruiters from other areas meet with students via video conferencing as well as using Polycom technology to interview a new librarian from out-of-state. Additionally, all budget meetings are conducted though video conferencing as well as staff meetings in various departments.

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