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Doing Business And Driving Profit With Digital Signage

Posted by Ashley Jones on Feb 2, 2018 10:52:00 AM

You might think of digital signage as an aesthetically pleasing addition to your design scheme, and you would not be wrong to think this. But digital display solutions are versatile tools that can deepen your relationship with clients while financially benefiting your company. Let’s look at a few ways digital signage can become a vital component of your organization.

Tell Your Story

A digital display offers a perfect opportunity for telling customers and clients more about your organization. Such informational displays are most effective in spaces where people will be spending an extended period of time--lobbies, waiting rooms, long lines. Not to sound too menacing, but in such situations, you have your customers right where you want them. Instead of barraging them with sales pitches that they might resent, take this time to educate them about your business. Perhaps your story can be about the founding of your company. Or you might explain a little bit about how you source and manufacture your products. Or you could rotate through short introductions to various people on your staff. People like to feel personally invested in the organizations and companies they give their money to. The story you tell should strengthen this bond.

Save Money

A recent study found that LED signs cost less than 10% per 10,000 impressions than other forms of advertising. So while the initial outlay for a digital signage solution might seem like a hefty investment compared to old-fashioned analog signage, consider the fact that once you are up and rolling, you can quickly and simply update your content to keep pace with developments in your organization as they are happening. Turnaround time is virtually zero, and you will have spent next to nothing bringing your messaging up to speed. And, as we will see in the next paragraph, your screens can actually start making you money.

Monetize Screen Time

There’s a reason digital signage is often employed for advertising--it’s a good way to get a little financial boost. You probably don’t want to use your digital display for advertising exclusively, as people will eventually tune it out. Not to mention the fact that it might come across as somewhat crass and mercenary. However, setting aside a portion of your signage playlist to advertising is both a good way to make a little money and an effective means of connecting your operation to other business in the area. Think about the local ads that play at movie theaters before the trailers begin. These ads are often for restaurants and bars and other leisure activities--the kinds of things, in other words, that are probably on people’s minds when they’re out on the town. So think about what kinds of services might appeal to patrons of your business, and seek out local partners who might find advertising via your screens appealing. It’s a winning strategy for all involved.

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