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Telepresence Made Easier for Enterprises

Posted by Chessie Skates on Feb 25, 2011 12:03:00 PM

Cisco unleashed a host of new options to make video throughout enterprises easier to consume and create.  Let Solutionz help you improve communication and business collaboration with one of Cisco’s Telepresence Solutions.

With Cisco’s new offerings Enjoy:

  • Share and record content and video from Cisco TelePresence and alternative video endpoints on the fly, usability of stored or live video can be easily extended for organizational communication, training, or events.
  • Unprecedented search capabilities even within video themselves. 

Enjoy Video Everywhere with the Cisco TelePresence System 1300 and New User Interface:

  • New model includes a 47” LCD which can be free-standing or mounted on the wall, making it the perfect solution for any deployment that needs immersive collaboration
  • Cisco TelePresence Touch (12”) is supported, an intuitive new interface that is touch-screen featuring sophisticated sharing controls and layout via the push of one button
  • Touch-screen interface helps meeting participants consult a directory, share content, and locate meeting information more easily
  • Customer’s currently utilizing a Cisco IP phone can opt to upgrade their current endpoints to Touch 12” if they desire
  • Global availability is scheduled for summer 2011 for this endpoint

The new endpoints, experiences, and offerings combined with previously announced advancements in Cisco medianet architecture will give customers the ability to deploy video indiscriminately and streamline delivery, consumption and video creation.

To learn about more of Cisco’s new offering visit Solutionz News or contact your local Solutionz sales representative today!

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